Skerries - Our new favourite place

I have lived in Dublin for coming up on 9 years and even though I have been to Skerries once or twice it is never somewhere we would gravitate to. It always seems far out in the middle of nowhere and I even say that living in Swords. For some reason two weeks ago I had a strange desire to take my parents out there on a visit to Dublin. It was somewhere they had never been to before well my mum visited 50 years ago but thats a long time ago. Like always I tripadvisor'ed the heck out of all the restaurants and finally settled on the Stoop Your Head.

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I had chowder with the parents two weeks ago and the same again today, it is bloody lovely soup. I could eat bowls and bowls of it with a bit of soda bread. It is chock full of fish and crab claws. My parents loved the cod fritte when they were up and today Joanne got the Dublin Bay prawns and crab claws in garlic butter, she loved it! For a massive bowl of chowder, chips, crab claws and prawns with a 7up came to 43 euro. Bit pricy but I'd say thats the seafood for ya especially the crab. 

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Before we headed in to Skerries we popped to Ardgillan Castle which is just outside the town perched on top of the hill on the way to Balbriggan. I had never been to the castle before but Joanne suggested our nephew Luke would love the playground there as it was huge.  The castle grounds are absolutely huge and thankfully it was quiet enough this morning. You can visit the castle and the cafe or go to the playground and explore the massive green areas. They are also pretty cool with you having BBQs up there too, obviously the small tray ones would be ideal. Luke had a great time in the playground and visiting all the fairy houses that are dotted through the forest. It is a great place for some free family fun. 

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While you are in Skerries take a walk along the sea front it is beautiful you can see Rockabill Lighthouse, the Skerries islands and Lambay Island. You have to top it all off with an ice cream from Storm in a Teacup, the best ice cream in North Dublin in my opinion, it rivals Teddy's in Dun Laoghaire for the Southsiders. It was such lovely day out and I am looking forward to going back to see the Skerries Mill because of the Dutchness in me wants to see that windmill.

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Let me know if you go or what is your favorite place to eat in Skerries.


Check out Joanne's Instagram as she is way better at photos than me and most of these are her photos.